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UFC Documentary Featuring Ronda in the Making!

Hey Armbar Nation,

We knew you’d be interested in hearing the latest scoop on Ronda before anyone else, so here it is!

This weekend Ronda will be filming for an upcoming documentary, along with her little sister, Julia. Julia will be playing the young version of Ronda for the dramatic¬†reenactments. One of Ronda’s training partners from “back in the day” also has younger sisters, and one of them will also be playing in the dramatic¬†reenactments.

On Friday they expect to be filming at Ronda’s home in Venice, and Saturday Julia will be doing some judo and swimming as the younger Ronda. AnnMaria has promised us some pictures from the filming, so stay tuned!

Ronda Rousey & Sister Julia

Do you think Julia looks like a younger Ronda?

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