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This little girl could KNOCK YOU OUT

We’ve all heard this phrase before, “children are like sponges, they just absorb everything.” Yet it’s still amazing what a child can accomplish with the proper motivation and guidance. This girl seems to have her balance, timing, and agility mastered at such a young age, but we wonder what her ground game is like. We will keep an eye on this up and comer.

After all, we all know where and how Ronda learned her signature Armbar don’t we?

This video has elicited lots of smiles and positive emotions with dads and mums from all over the world and also drawn attention of scientists, teachers and experts in the sphere of physical education and sports! Apparently, we all who like this video at the back of our mind feel that along with beauty and gracefulness of motions showed by Evnika, demonstrated spirit and love to sports and her parents, there’s more behind it, that is how we, adults, would like to see our children in the future and what we do to make this future real..

Rustam Sadvakassov

Ryan Griffore - Armbar Nation

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