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Judo Speed Drills: Why every fighter should read “Winning on the Ground”

Great video clip from Dr. AnnMaria De Mars. Why winning on the ground is awesome, how judo drills help, how judo and jiu-jitsu matwork differ. Currently on sale at Amazon here for $12.

In WINNING ON THE GROUND: Training and Techniques for Judo and MMA Fighters, Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, 1984 world judo champion, and James Pedro Sr., coach of international judo medalists, present a variety of techniques developed over the years. Their coaching has helped such winners in the worlds of judo and mixed martial arts as Ronda Rousey (De Mars’ daughter) and Kayla Harrison take home medals at the highest levels of competition. Winning on the Ground demonstrates that you can overcome your opponent, even from a position that may seem hopeless. The key is in training for various scenarios. Winning on the Ground includes the following: six secrets to better mat work (and mistakes to avoid), coaching tips from the authors, a dozen quick ways to gain an opponent’s submission, how to do the perfect armbar and half nelson, smarter training: drills for connecting techniques for the win and MUCH MORE!

If Amazon is sold out you can buy it straight from Black Belt at 18.95  You can buy the ebook for $9.99 at either Amazon or Black Belt. Barnes and Noble sells it for the Nook as well.


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