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Fan got to meet the CHAMP

My name is Adam and I am from NJ. I finally got to meet the champ in NY for UFC 159. Ronda Rousey is my fav fighter, she gives me inspiration to try my very best at everything I do, she gives me a sense of PRIDE. Just like her favorite Dragonball Z character Vegeta. Thats why I got her a Vegeta figure from Japan. What Vegeta is to her…she is to me. Watching her story on primetime and seeing her fight motivates me to train and stay in shape. (I was bullied all through high school for being over weight). I have all the items she signed for me at that event hanging on my wall for a consistent reminder to keep pushing forward and to remember No one deserves to beat me…at anything 🙂

Thank you Ronda for being my role model and Thank you to Armbar Nation for a great website and Twitter account.
Team Rousey 4 life!

Adam M Rivera

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