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Cyborg Camp is complaining AGAIN

By now I’m sure most of you in the MMA world have heard about the latest news coming out of the Cris Cyborg camp. She was willing to cut the weight to meet Ronda at the 135lb division, but she felt that she was not being fairly compensated monetarily for the fight by the Zuffa. I guess when you aren’t fighting you have to find ways to stay relevant.

“We were willing to do that, and cut down and go work with Mike and get to 135 to do the fight because Cris wanted to fight Ronda. However, when they said we had to do it for eight fights? She doesn’t want to do the cut eight times when all she wants to do is fight Ronda and beat Ronda. After Ronda, there is really nothing left for her.”

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Lets break this down for a minute shall we:

  • 1. Cyborg broke the ethical standard of what it is to be a professional fighter. You took a legitimate banned substance in direct violation of the rules to give yourself and advantage. In vernacular, YOU CHEATED!

  • 2. Cyborg whined about unfair treatment when asked to leave the Strikeforce Main Event. You were under suspension, not to mention the black mark you brought to the growth of WMMA in the media.

  • 3. Cyborg continuously calls out Ronda like she is hiding, or wants no part of her. You lost the right to call people out or demand things when you took performance enhancing drugs.

  • Cris Cyborg is nothing more then an average person putting in the average time that is trying to find shorter way to the top. If you don’t want to put in the effort to help build the sport, to hold yourself to the highest standards of competition, or to at least be true to yourself then there really is no place for you in MMA. To be a professional in this sport, the individual needs to make the commitment to themselves on how great they will be, and follow it up by the actions they take.

    Zuffa is not responsible. The UFC is not responsible. Dana White is not responsible. Yet still, even to this day you have never taken responsibility for your actions. So why do you think that you should be treated the same as the fighter’s who actually follow the rules? By taking steroids you put the nail in your own coffin.

    If you want to fight a CHAMPION, you need to act like one.
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    What about YOU, THE FANS? What do you think about this recent statement from the Cyborg Camp and the entire feud in general? Leave your comments below and on Twitter (#ArmbarNation).

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