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Can a Smile Determine the Outcome of a UFC Fight?

Every now and then you come across a research study that makes you wonder, “what scientific evidence is there to back up this claim.” Well if you think you’ve heard it all, think again.

A new study has shown that UFC Fighters who smile more before a fight are more likely to lose. I know what you are thinking, “come on now, that is purely a coincidence.”

Well, 152 UFC fighters were sampled one day prior to their fight and here’s what the research found:

“The results showed that fighters who displayed a less intense smile won more fights. This was true for all fights, including the ones that were decided by a knockout.”

We wish we knew who the fighters were that they used in the study, but that information wasn’t released. What do you think? Is there any validity to this article, or is it just pure coincidence?

Ryan Griffore - Armbar Nation

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