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Thoughts on Tate vs Zingano, Zingano’s Chances Against Rousey

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Tate fought well, but her attitude really rubs us the wrong way. In the UK ESPN broadcast, viewers watched as Miesha used Cat’s face to push herself off the ground after the end of the 1st round. The referee made an audible comment about “unsportsmanlike conduct”, to which Miesha claimed to have lost her balance. We’ve watched the .gif repeatedly, but we’re not buying it. This looks like plain old unsportsmanlike behavior to us, and coming from Miesha, we’re not surprised. Miesha Tate face washes Cat Zingano

Since Saturday, Miesha has publically complained that the fight was stopped too soon, but we disagree. It’s possible the fight could have been allowed to continue for another few seconds while Miesha took a few more knees to the face (we don’t think we’re the only one’s who would have enjoyed that!) but neither was it stopped too soon: Miesha is already facing a possible 6 month medical suspension as it is. She was bleeding all over the place and could barely stand. Photos from the post-fight press conference show just how hard of a beating she took. As Ronda said, “if Miesha wants to complain the fight shouldn’t have been stopped, she shouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place.”

As for Zingano – after watching her tangle with Tate for three rounds, our respect for her has increased. Despite her emotional displays such as the tearful entrance into the octagon which was edited out of the broadcast Cat was able to focus on the fight and make a thrilling comeback. It doesn’t matter if Cat wears her emotions on her sleeve as long as she can fight.

I asked AnnMaria her opinion on Zingano: “If Ronda brings her A game or even her B game, Cat doesn’t stand a chance.” I know we’re biased, but we tend to agree. As we pointed out, Cat’s record doesn’t show a history of performing well in the first round. The match with Tate continued this pattern. In round 1, Tate came flying towards Zingano and we saw little in the way of retaliation until round 2 – and even then, Tate still seemed to have the upperhand. It wasn’t until round 3 that Zingano really seemed to snap out of it. After the fight, Zingano herself said “I start strong and finish stronger,” – just another way of saying it takes her a round or two to get warmed up.

But when it comes to fighting Ronda, one round may be all you get.

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